Are Your Digital Transformation Efforts Truly Transformative?

If digital transformation wasn’t a priority for your business in the past, chances are it has to be now. With the widespread adoption of remote work, an unrelenting shift to ecommerce, and a Darwinian business environment that demands speed, agility, and adaptation, digital transformation could mean the difference between success and failure.
Most companies understand the need for new technologies to stay competitive. What they often miss is the work that comes once the technology is deployed. Bringing the latest tech in-house is great, but it stops short of digital transformation. True digital transformation depends on how well a company leverages that technology, how efficiently processes can change to accommodate new technology so that it gains company-wide traction, and if leaders are able to make the necessary cultural shifts among employees who might be stuck in outmoded ways of doing things.
This assessment is designed to give you clarity about whether your digital transformation efforts are enough to be considered truly transformative. By the end, if you have been honest, you should understand where you are in your digital transformation journey and what aspects of transformation your company needs to prioritize.

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