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GERARD “GERRY” SZATVANYI is the founder and CEO of OSF Digital, a leading global digital transformation company. Throughout his career as an entrepreneur and visionary, he has been a thought leader for the intersection of life and work, laying out trends and upcoming shifts in the tech industry. Gerry was among the first to adopt hybrid work, remote and onsite, and multi-shore delivery models. He was a pioneer in using flexible business hours and locations for the delivery of work.

His second book, Workforce 4.0, is a continuation of his first, The Great Digital Transformation, which guided readers through the steps to take to reimagine the way they interact with customers to enhance experiences, ultimately enabling companies to improve their profit margins. Gerry is a true citizen of the globe speaking seven languages and traveling extensively.


Workforce 4.0

How AI, the Home Office, and the Gig Economy are Disrupting the Status Quo

In an era where AI is more than just a buzzword, every business, irrespective of its domain, needs to adapt or risk obsolescence. While many leaders acknowledge the rise of AI, grasping its profound implications remains a challenge. “Workforce 4.0”, demystifies this transition, offering a roadmap to harness AI’s potential. Dive deep into strategies that not only redefine employee roles through upskilling but also reshape the very nature of workplaces. Learn how to leverage the gig economy and remote work trends, navigate the ethical intricacies of AI, and anticipate the future of retail and commerce. For businesses aiming for a competitive edge in a digitized world, “Workforce 4.0” is the definitive guide. Transform your organization’s approach and thrive in the AI era.

The Great Digital Transformation

Reimagining the Future of Customer Interactions

Regardless of the industry, every organization that hopes to stay in business must face a digital transformation. Leaders across the globe may recognize the term, but few understand the scope of a true digital transformation. In The Great Digital Transformation: Reimagining the Future of Customer Interactions, Gerry Szatvanyi outlines what is at stake and how leaders can shepherd their companies through a successful transformation. Szatvanyi walks readers through the best practices for revamping the way they interact with their customers, how their employees work, what purpose their stores serve, and more.

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Episode 01 – Part 1

In part one, Gerry, Bernadine, and Rob discuss the differences between Digitization and Digital transformation and the importance of challenging your thinking.

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Find out where your company is on the road to digital transformation.

We have prepared a short assessment designed to help you understand if your digital transformation efforts are enough to make an impact in this new era. By the time you finish the review, you should have a complete picture of where you are along the road of digital transformation, what areas of your company need improvement and what aspects of transformation you need to prioritise.

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What is Workforce 4.0?

What is Workforce 4.0?

With technology advancing so quickly, it can be hard to keep track of all the changes that have taken place in recent years. We’ve gone through a pandemic, a shift to remote work and the gig economy, and an adoption of a long list of digital tools in our everyday lives.

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Gerry Szatvanyi Of OSF Digital On How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level

The Power of Pre-Ordering: How Retailers Can Maximize the Feature

When a shopper clicks to buy their favorite brand of perfume, and sees that it is out of stock, what do they do? In this saturated e-commerce world, they may move on to another retailer. As soon as the consumer finds a place that has the perfume available, they check out. The first retailer misses a sale.

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Gerry Szatvanyi Of OSF Digital On How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level

Rethinking What’s Possible: A Starter Guide to Digital Transformation

Phrases like “going digital” abound. As retailers strive to keep up with change, the efforts sometimes fall short. In the 2022 survey report, “Fashion in Focus: New Norms and Paradigm Shifts,” 28% of respondents stated they were behind target in their progress toward using digital tools to engage customers.

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